How long does it take to move apartments in New York City?

/ January 28, 2024 / 2 mins read

General Guide: Unloading or loading just a bedroom can take about 1 hour. Moving a 3 BR to another BR can take a whole day! (Yes, of course we have done this!) Moving a 1 Bedroom apartment (bedroom plus living room) to another location, from 3rd floor or lower on each side would be quoted at about 3-4 hours.

When considering how long it takes to move apartments in New York City, several factors come into play. Local moves within the same neighborhood or borough tend to be quicker compared to long-distance moves across different parts of the city or to another borough. The size of your apartment and the amount of belongings you have are significant factors influencing the duration of the move. Larger apartments with more items typically require more time to pack, load, and transport.

Additionally, the accessibility of buildings can affect the speed of the move. Factors such as the presence of elevators, narrow hallways, or stairs can either streamline or prolong the process. Moreover, New York City’s notorious traffic and parking challenges can add time to the move, particularly if there are restrictions or limited parking options near your buildings.

Weather conditions also play a role, as inclement weather like rain or snow can slow down the moving process and necessitate extra precautions to protect your belongings. On average, a local move within New York City can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on these factors. For longer distances or larger moves, spanning multiple days may be necessary.